Repertoire Regulations:

  1. Free Choice of original works and standard arrangements/transcriptions from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth-Century) and modern repertoire such as pop & jazz are acceptable. The Submitted repertoire is subject to review by the competition officials.
  2. Participants may play a maximum two contrasting repertoires.
  3. Participants may repeat the same repertoire from preliminary to Semi-Final. Different repertoire should be played at Grand-Final.
  4. Selected repertoire must strictly adhere to the time limit stipulated for each category.
  5. All repeats are generally omitted except for da capo. However, repeats may be played at the discretion of the participants should it enhance the music artistically.
  6. All works are to be performed from memory.
  7. Participants are required to provide three sets of music scores for Semi-Final and Grand-Final on the day of the competition.
  8. Changes of repertoire are not allowed 1 week before the competition.